Buy The Best Shower System Online

What is more invigorating and refreshing than a relaxing shower after a long day or a good night’s sleep? Whether cold or hot, showers are good for your mental and physical health. This makes your shower system a silent partner for your overall health.

So, if you are in the market for a shower system, strive to find a quality one that functions effectively and efficiently. With a host of options out there, choosing the best shower for you can be a huge challenge. It gets more difficult if you’re looking to improve your showering and purchasing experience by maximizing technology. However, buying your ideal shower system online doesn’t have to be complex. Here is what you ought to look for!

Best Shower System Online

Factors That Should Highly Influence Your Choice of a Shower System

The Size and Layout of Your Bathroom

Looking to fit your bathroom with a power, digital, thermostatic shower faucet set, or an electric shower? First, determine where the shower unit will be installed. Then get your shower room’s measurements right and those of the actual space where you intend to fit the unit. Remember, shower systems vary in size and shape, and you want to ensure the shower type you choose matches the dimensions and functionality of or washroom. Considering that showers come in an unlimited array of designs and finishes, finding which suits your taste won’t be challenging.

Water Pressure Level

How would you rate your water power? Is it strong enough, or would you need to boost it? You ought to get this aspect right; otherwise, you’ll have problems determining what shower type to choose. Whether you’ve got a combination boiler, gravity, or pressurized system, the level of water pressure will dictate the choice of your shower.

For example, a power shower serves as a suitable option where water pressure levels are low. It will not only offset the chronic water pressure problem but supply you with hot, warm, or cold water consistently as needed, and you won’t have to endure unexpected water temperatures in the middle of your showers. It’s designed with an inbuilt pump to help boost the water flow rate in your bathroom, and it’s recommended for bathrooms fitted with gravity water systems.

So, consider the pressure rating of the water supply system for your washroom before making your purchase. Get a professional to help determine your water power level and, depending on the findings, advise you on the ideal type of shower to buy.

Other Fixtures in Your Washroom

All other fittings will greatly influence your system’s choice. Are you looking to add or already have a wall heating or under-floor heating system in your bathroom space? How would you like your bathroom’s lighting solution? You have a host of options to choose from. Whether you go the bespoke way or off-the-shelf way, buy a shower that blends perfectly with your lighting solution. For instance, if the lights automatically turn on or dim when you step in the shower, get the right system that can meet this need.

Best Shower System Online


How low or high should your shower be fixed? We are of different heights, and you should carefully consider this when buying a shower. Think of others who will be using the shower to help determine the best position that may offer everyone the comfort they need when showering. The height will significantly determine if you need a movable or a fixed shower system.

Future Needs

Is the shower to be installed in your forever home? Then consider the possibility of easy integration with other systems in your house. You don’t want to be in the market for another shower system the next time you intend to upgrade your water supply or lighting system.


Price is a vital factor in any purchase. But, never base your choice on cost alone. All the above factors must come into play when determining the much you’ll spend on your shower. But as the saying goes, you’ll get what you pay for. So, if you want the best shower that can serve you for a long time, then be ready to make a considerable investment. Premium products are expensive.

You have a wide and diverse range of showers in the online stores—however, not all match your needs. But, you’ll have an easy time picking your right shower if you consider all the above factors.

Online Purchase Guide for Shower Faucet Set

Your moderne colonne de douche may look like a tiny detail, but it contributes to the elegance and functionality of the bathroom. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on where you sit, the market has many different faucet models.

While this availability is good, it makes it challenging to choose the best shower faucet set for your bathroom. Several factors like shower valves, water pressure, and type will influence the type of faucet you buy. Thankfully, this guide will help you select the right fixture for you.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or setting a new one, here are some tips to help you choose the right faucet if you are buying online.

Purchase Guide for Shower Faucet Set

#1. Decide on the Type of Faucet You Want

The types of shower faucets available are differentiated by their controls. As such, there are three main types of shower faucets;

  • Single Tap Mixers

These are common in homes and hotels. They feature a single lever that balances the input of cold and hot water and the flow rate. But, there’s also an alternate style of this tap that comes with two separate levers for temperature mixing and controlling the flow rate. These styles draw hot and cold water into the mixer and bring the levels either up or down, depending on the user’s predetermined temperature before water comes out of the faucet.

  • Traditional Two Tap Mixer

These were the only options for quite a long time. It comes with two separate levers for cold and hot water. The water only mixes once hot, and cold water enters the pipe to the showerhead.

  • Panel

These are fairly new options that are a bit more expensive. They come with a vertical panel that has plumbing connections to control several body sprayers, a handheld shower faucet, an overhead shower faucet, and even a bathtub faucet. However, they need a home to have high water pressure to work.

#2. Consider the Flow Rate

Flow rate describes how much water comes out of the faucet. It’s measured in gallons/minute or GPM. A low flow rate in your shower can be frustrating because the spray might not reach you. As such, you have to struggle with inconsistent water streams while you are showering.

Most shower faucets offer a minimum of 1 GPM to avoid reducing the water pressure of a house. However, experts recommend purchasing shower faucets with higher flow rates of 1.5 GPM and 2.5 GPM. There are other shower faucet sets with a higher flow rate than 2.5 GPM. However, most people don’t need a heavy flow. Plus, it can increase your water bills.

#3. Consider the Ease of Installation

Before you start shopping for a shower faucet, you should decide whether you will install it yourself or hire someone else to do it. Your decision will play a huge role in influencing the shower faucet you chose.

For example, if you are going the DIY route, you won’t have many options for replacing a traditional two-tap mixer since the products selection isn’t that wide. But when working with a professional, you don’t need to worry about your shower configuration.

Shower faucets sets can be easy to install or more difficult to install. Therefore, individuals with little knowledge in plumbing will be better with a shower faucet set that includes a user guide and, if possible, an instructional video, as well as a helpline call if one is stuck.

Most products that need a professional plumber to install usually indicate this on the packaging or products details. Therefore, you should look out for this requirement if you don’t want to hire a plumber.

#4. Reliabilities and Warranties

This is where online reviews come into play. They can give you an idea of a faucet’s reliability and the seller’s customer service. Also, check the consumers publication ratings and ask for a recommendation from your plumber.

Experts recommended purchasing a faucet with construction and finish warranties. These show that the faucet is of high quality. Read the warranty to ensure that you know what is included and what is not.

Again, bear in mind that some lifetime warranties are only useful if the faucet buyer owns the house that it was installed in.

To make your warranty more effective, avoid buying from unauthorized vendors, improper installation, and care. Note that these things can void your warranty.

Purchase Guide for Shower Faucet Set

#5. Consider Your Budget

Before you set out to buy a shower faucet, ask yourself how much you have to spend. You can be tempted to purchase a highly-priced faucet because of its elegance. If you were unprepared for it, this purchase can hurt your finances.

Therefore, come up with a budget. Since there are different types of shower faucet sets, research the ones you want and find out whether they match your budget. What’s important is to buy a high-quality and functional faucet at the price you can afford.

#6. Think of the Material

The material of the shower faucet is a significant factor in deciding the design you want. While different metals have different durability, the types of metals used for making a shower faucet set shouldn’t be heavily relied on when deciding whether or not to buy it.

Most shower faucet sets use basic stainless steel or chrome finish. But if you want a more stylish material, opt for a set with brass, bronze, or nickel. Or, if you want minimal cleaning, opt for a matte black finish that doesn’t show fingerprints or dirt.

#7. Measure the Spread

The spread refers to how far apart a faucet’s outer two holes are. For a faucet with three holes, one hole is for water, and the other two are for the knobs or handles. Measure the handles or knobs’ distance from the furthest end to end. Note that you will need these measurements to decide on the faucet that’s right for your shower. If your faucet has only one hole, measure the hole’s spread from edge to edge.


Your shower system needs a functional faucet to be completed. If the faucet is faulty, you may not have a relaxing time in the shower. Plus, it will also waste water, which increases your energy bills. Therefore, use these tips to get the best shower faucet set for your bathroom.


Men’s Guide to Buying Apple Watch Bands Online

A watch band is a piece of jewelry that adds style and function to a watch. It’s a great way to personalize your watch. It adds an element of fun and creativity while also letting you express yourself through the band that goes around your wrist. Different bands are available for men’s watches, so it can be challenging to know which one is right for you. In this guide, we will help you choose the best Apple Watch bands for men from various options, including material, buckle, size, color, and compatibility with your apple watch series.

Buying Apple Watch Bands Online

Tips for choosing the best apple watch band for men

The key things you’ll e looking for when buying a watchband are:


Leather is probably the most popular choice among watchbands. It looks classy and stylish and perfect for formal occasions. However, leather watch bands tend not to be very water-resistant.

Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting, but it is quite bulky. Stainless steel watchbands are classic and timeless and can go with any modern or contemporary style.

Rubber watchbands are comfortable and flexible. Rubber watch bands are perfect for casual days because they don’t show dirt as much. Besides, they are waterproof and stain-resistant.

Nylon watch bands are lightweight and flexible. Nylon is excellent for summertime use because it doesn’t absorb sweat as leather does. Nylon is also easy to clean. The downside? It looks suitable for casual occasions only.

Buckle type

There are four main buckles used in watch bands: Deployment clasp, Tang buckle, Butterfly clasp, and Pin-and-tuck.

Deployment clasps are the easiest type of buckle to use. You just need to push down the button on the side of the watch to release the clasp and resize, though you high need professional help in this.

Tang buckles have a small bar at the top of the buckle that holds the two ends together. They are easy to adjust and resize.

Butterfly clasps are similar to tang buckles, except the two hinges of the buckle unfold in a butterfly shape rather than a straight line.

Pin-and-tuck buckles are pretty obstructive. You need to remove the pins first before you can resize them. But once you do, you can easily adjust the length of the band by pushing the pin back into place.


Watch bands come in various sizes. Some are large enough to cover the entire wrist; others are smaller. If you’re planning to wear your watch every day, you should consider getting a larger watch band. Otherwise, if you plan to wear your watch only occasionally, you should get a smaller watch band. Still, on size, the width of the watch band determines how much space there is between the edge of the watch face and your wrist. A wider watch band gives more room for movement and provides better comfort.


Color is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for your apple watch band. Depending on what kind of watch band you want, you might want to match the color of the watch band to the color of your watch case. For example, if you have a black watch case, you should opt for a black watch band. Or, if you have a brown watch case, you might want to get a brown watch band.


Lastly, make sure that the watch band you buy fits your Apple watch perfectly. Most watch bands are designed to work with specific models of Apple Watches. So, you need to check whether the watch band you want to purchase works with your model of watch. For instance, series 1,2, and 3 will be compatible with either 38mm or 40 mm band while series 4,5,6 and SE will fit quite well with 42mm or 44mm band case.

Buying Apple Watch Bands Online


Men’s Apple watch bands are not easy to choose online; some watch bands may look good online, but they won’t or look good on your wrist. Though available in many different materials, sizes, styles, and colors you should choose one that suits your needs best. And remember, an apple watch band is not just about style; it’s about convenience too!

Antigua Foodie Tours

Antigua Foodie Tours creates distinctive culinary adventures taking visitors through colonial Antigua and beyond.

One of the best ways to understand a culture is to experience its cuisine. And with over 250 restaurants and food-related businesses in town, La Antigua Guatemala has evolved into a melting pot of casual and sophisticated dining experiences catering to an array of culinary lifestyles.

Whether you choose to go on a tasty stroll through the charming cobblestones of Antigua, check out a local organic farm and restaurant, or head to the beach for a gourmet feast at sunset, Antigua Foodie Tours will take you on a unique adventure and introduce you to some of Guatemala’s most intriguing hotspots.

Antigua Foodie Tours

I couldn’t wait to go on my gastronomic tour of Antigua, which was so easy to book online at Soon after booking, I received a confirmation email with meet-up information. I was also asked about any food allergies or preferences. And I was good to go!

On a beautiful Wednesday morning in Antigua, we met Jamila and Kwame, founders of Antigua Foodie Tours and our guides for the two-hour culinary adventure. It was warm that day, and members of our tour group appreciated the welcome gift of chilled bottled water in a lovely holder that was handcrafted from colorful Guatemala textiles.

Kwame, an avid food aficionada and cook, has been plugged into Antigua’s culinary scene for several years now. “I gained so much experience showing visitors and relatives around town and enjoying it, that they encouraged me to start my own business,” he said. That’s when in November 2016, he and his partner, Jamila, created Antigua Foodie Tours with the express purpose of supporting local restaurants, promoting tourism and sharing both Guatemalan and international cuisine with locals and foreign visitors.

The Antigua tour consists of approximately 10 stops of carefully vetted venues where you savor samples that are at once delectable and delight the senses. Almost as mouthwatering as the memorable eats you sample are the behind-the-scenes tidbits of information you become privy to while visiting these unique eateries.

At several stops, owners took part in the samplings, explained some of their secret ingredients and shared colorful stories about how they got started in their businesses.

To whet our appetites, we started at Summu Hummus where we sampled four different hummuses: coriander, red pepper, jalapeno and regular. Daniel, one of the owners, explained that while they always have four flavors on hand, they have made 12 varieties thus far. The best part is their pita bread, made fresh to order and served warm. We were in Hummus Heaven!

“The stops on this tour are designed to provide visitors with a balance of culinary experiences that range from the urban/modern to more typical Guatemala fare such as the roasted meats at Rincon Tipico and at Randy’s for their exceptional sausage,” said Kwame. “We want people who appreciate food to leave with a greater understanding of Guatemala’s gastronomy and flavors as well as its history and culture,” he emphasized.

Complementing the Antigua Foodie Tour is the Organic Tour that takes visitors to an organic farm where Maya permaculture and modern techniques meet to provide the local community with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. “This is probably my favorite,” said Jamila, “because visitors get to roam through a huge organic farm with breathtaking vistas, interact with the animals and feast on a delicious meal consisting of all fresh ingredients grown right there on the premises.”

If you’re looking for adventure outside of Antigua, sign up for Beyond Antigua – Your own Black Sand Beach, which is an all-day excursion to El Paradon on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast. This trip is especially suited for foodies who appreciate local ingredients and fresh herbs because their gourmet lunch is prepared by chef Kwame, using vegetables and herbs from his own organic garden.

Everything is fresh and from scratch, even the tahini used in his famous hummus sandwiches, made with fresh sesame and chia seed, a bit of goat cheese, with arugula and basil on a freshly baked roll. Feast on sandwiches made with boneless chicken breast that has been marinated in nispero wine with sundried-tomato spread; fresh guacamole; fruit salad with colorful and exotic star fruit, and to quench your thirst, freshly pressed green, watermelon and pineapple juices.

After a fun-filled afternoon on the black sand beaches of El Paredón, participants enjoy a delicious Thai dinner served at a table that is brought out for your dinner right on the beach at sunset.

It’s easy to book your tour at or you can go to their Facebook page, Antigua Foodie Tours, for more information. If you know the date that you’d like to go on your culinary adventure, it is recommended you book in advance, as each tour has a limited capacity and doesn’t run every day.

For each tour booked, Antigua Foodie Tours donates a portion of its proceeds to two established NGOs in Guatemala: Niños de Guatemala and Semilla de Esperanza y Amor, both of which support children in need.

Joy in the Kitchen during the Holidays – Amalia’s Kitchen

People sometimes tell me they feel that cooking is difficult or intimidating, especially if you put the word gourmet in front of it. I say cooking can be as easy as you want it to be, just take a little time to think about what you enjoy.

My philosophy in the kitchen has always been practical and healthy. Like many other people, I multi-task and quite often I resort to doing what’s quick, delicious, and easy. What I find really helpful is to create what I call a kitchen map, sort of a Mise en Place, or a plan.

Planning is not just for business or big projects. It is beneficial anytime and especially during the holiday season when stress levels can increase because of family traditions and social gatherings.

Amalia_s Kitchen

When planning small, medium, or large get-togethers, the principle is the same. Start with the number of guests you will be serving, and then follow that with your menu plan.

If you make a habit of sitting down at your kitchen table or counter to plan your menu and from here you create a shopping list, then what follows is how you will be serving that meal. My plan often includes thinking outside the box on how I will present the food, what dinnerware I use, and so on.

I am not always thinking about uniformity at the table, but rather to create something eclectic with a global flair. I opt for bringing elements together that include not just food, but dishes and utensils that may not necessarily be used for the purpose I choose. I think in terms of color and texture, and everything usually falls into place.

It’s relatively simple for artistic minds, but it may be challenging for those who don’t have this ability, so the plan becomes more important as it allows anyone to be competent in the kitchen.

Next time you plan your next soirée, think about minimizing stress for yourself. Making a plan may seem overly simplistic to some, but if your goal is to prepare something special for your dear ones, then take it seriously and have fun while doing it. With proper planning, you’ll soon discover that you are able to enjoy the year-end festivities with family and friends even more.

Here’s a super easy first course that it simple, elegant and straightforward to help your creative mind get started!

Buen provecho!

Amalia_s Kitchen

Recipe by Chef Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

This salad can be modified according to your taste. You can start with the lettuce of choice plus other ingredients that you may prefer. You can also make the salad below into a main course by adding more ingredients and a protein such as grilled salmon or chicken.

Serves 2

1 head Bibb lettuce, separated, washed
10 cherry tomatoes (red, yellow, orange)
½ cup celery hearts, finely chopped
1 avocado, pitted, in cubes
1 can hearts of palm, sliced
Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
½ lemon juice
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Divide ingredients in half.

Assembly. Begin with the lettuce and layer the rest of the ingredients sparingly on top.

Add olive oil, lemon, juice, kosher salt, and pepper to taste right before serving.

Amalia_s Kitchen

Wake up to a Guatemalan Breakfast

Guatemalans consider breakfast and lunch to be the most important meals of the day. These meals are usually larger than the evening meal. Families with school-age children pay special attention to serving nutritious breakfasts. Balance and quality are both important.

Guatemala food

Because fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and varied in Guatemala, it’s easy to make a nourishing meal during a busy morning. Guatemalan breakfast dishes are simple but tasty and wholesome.

Mosh (creamy whole oats with cinnamon and milk) is a favorite of the young and the old. Eggs are prepared in many styles depending on the day of the week. On weekdays they can be soft-boiled, hard-boiled or scrambled. On the weekend, they can be huevos estrellados con chirmol frito (eggs sunny-side up with tomato and onion pan sauce) or huevos revueltos con tomate y cebolla ó tortilla (scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions or corn tortilla bits).

The typical accompaniments for eggs are black beans in any style and either corn tortillas or Guatemalan-style French bread (an elongated crusty loaf divided into bun-like sections, with a delicious gummy core).

Another breakfast option for the weekend or for brunch is panqueques con miel de abeja (pancakes with honey). These are medium-thick crepe-like cakes that can be made in minutes. Pan fried plantains are a good complement to any meal. For heavier appetites, Guatemalan chorizo and longaniza sausages make a great side.

In my grandmother’s town in the countryside, tamalitos de elote (fresh corn and butter mini-tamales topped with fresh cream) were a very special treat. She made them especially when we had visitors.

Guineo mojoncho con leche was another favorite breakfast dish. This is red-skinned bananas grilled over charcoals, peeled, cut into chunks, mashed, and added to hot milk in a bowl. We ate this dish like cereal. At school, whole (not rolled) oats were cooked in milk.

Traditional breakfast drinks include freshly squeezed orange juice and licuados (blended drinks made with seasonal fresh fruit and milk). Guatemalan café con leche (coffee with hot milk) is also popular.

Here is an easy and delicious recipe that is very near and dear to my heart.

Guatemala breakfast


Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes and Onions (recipe by Amalia Moreno-Damgaard)

Guatemala food

This recipe is as Guatemalan as corn tortillas. Try it when you’re getting tired of the same old scrambled eggs. Guatemalans modify the recipe in many ways. For example, sometimes people add corn tortilla bits or cooked chorizo instead of tomatoes and onions. Accompany the eggs with Frijoles Chapines (Guatemalan black beans any style) and Tortillas de Maíz (corn tortillas).

Or serve the eggs atop a panfried corn tortilla with beans on the side. You can also modify this recipe by making the eggs sunny side up and using the onion and tomato comb.
Serves 2 people

2 large or 3 small eggs
1 tablespoon canola oil
2 1/2 tablespoons finely diced Roma tomatoes
1 tablespoon finely diced yellow onion
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

1. Beat the eggs until fluffy and set aside.

2. Add the oil to a heated medium nonstick skillet. Add the tomatoes and onion and season with salt. Cook at medium heat until saucy and thick, (about 3 minutes). Taste and adjust salt, if needed.

3. Add the eggs and combine well with the sauce. Continue to cook until eggs are cooked and smooth (2 to 3 minutes).